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Survival Insights For Students, Educators And Staff

By Team IDK | February 6, 2014

Psychology student Rachel Wayne shares her insights as a young person with hearing issues in three posts for the Sci-Ed blog. Rachel wears hearing-aids, speaks, lip-reads and accesses digital content via captioned media.

Read Rachel’s guest posts:

One: Pardon Me? How To Talk With A Hearing-Aid Wearer

Two: Hearing Issues In Post-Secondary Education

Three: Strategies For Students, Educators And Colleagues

The “burden” of advocacy is mentioned in Rachel’s posts. While “advocacy is a social and moral issue” she says, the reality is that the more young deaf people who go to college and educate their peers, educators and colleagues about hearing issues and access, the better an outcome for everyone.

Rachel’s final point says everything about current systems:

Until disability awareness is taught in schools, until it becomes part of a wider discussion, then we must step up, one student, one individual at a time [to speak for ourselves and educate everyone else]. For if we don’t, then who will?

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