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Cochlear Implants: Insights From Deaf Adults

By Team IDK | August 12, 2011

Parents of deaf children, who are debating on a cochlear implant for their child, may gain insights from two articles written by deaf adults in the UK.

The first, published by writer Charlie Swinbourne in The Guardian, is titled “Not all deaf people want to be fixed” and offers a very balanced view on why deaf adults may choose to have an implant, despite the work involved.

A follow-up piece, “Does a cochlear implant fix a deaf person?”, was written by communications professional Tina Lannin, to outline why she opted to have cochlear implants, while emphasising that it’s a personal choice.

There are different ways of being deaf. Cochlear implants can be part of that mix, or not. Having the option of better hearing, is a privilege.

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